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Are Lazarus pits green or orange? Or can they be either?

  1. battychica answered: Green
  2. skeletonqueenofhell answered: depends on the location….in Batman and robin Issue # 1-3 the pit (in england) was orange, but in JLA issue # 14-16 (in tibet) was green.
  3. sprygemini answered: I’ve seen both but I think they’re commonly accepted as green.
  4. tophercompensating answered: They’re a sort of greenish orange.
  5. queenchips answered: I’ve only seen them come in sour apple flavor.
  6. lusilly2 answered: I think they can be in a range from like purple, orange, green. anything really, haha, but green is most recognizable I think :D
  7. staticraining answered: Normally they have this turquoise/blue/green colour
  8. sousukeyamazaki answered: Generally it’s green when the artists in the books depict them, but I’ve seen orange and purple too!
  9. sidekick-clecle answered: I-… I never thought of it. I really can’t tell, actually O_O
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